Mag-Probe Specifications Applications

Mag-Probe Industry Applications:

Bartol Mag-Probe Conducting a Test Aircraft Maintenance  Food Processing  Nuclear & Conventional Power Plants – Chemical Processing Commercial Trucks – Printing Companies – Military, Cargo, & Cruise Ships Construction Equipment  Trains – Hospital Equipment – Sterile Environments – Clean Rooms – Integrated Circuit Manufacturing  Underwater Applications  Oil Exploration Equipment – Sewage Disposal & Treatment Plants – Military – Farm Machinery – Space – Alignment of Magnets – Elevator – Machine Shops – Heavy Equipment  Bottle Processing Plants – Oil – Gas – Refineries


3 Gauss.  1 Gauss with HS Ring Magnet attached to the tip. (See Instructions) (Mag-Probe will Test sub-miniature and smaller solenoid valves and relays, to the largest solenoid valves and relays on the market today)

 DE Sensitivity:

Mag-Probe has a white de-sensitizing white cover for the tip that will reduce sensitivity to avoid over lapping magnetic fields when testing larger solenoid valves and relays.

 LED Indicator:

LED lights up under red cap when a magnetic field is present.

Operating Frequency:

Dc to 400 HZ

Shelf Life:

Retains 95% of its Operating Capacity after 10 years

Operating Life:

5000 Five Second Tests

Relative Humidity:

Salt and Moisture Proof Can be used Underwater up to 30 ft.


Safe to use in a Vacuum

Operating Temperature:

-80° F to +160° F

Self Function Test:

Test Ring Magnet Included in Cap – Can also be used to increase sensitivity by adjusting ring magnet on the tip – See Instructions

Power Supply:

Lithium Battery


Length 3.5” x  Width .75”


3 Oz.

mag probe


 Special Note:

Bartol Mag-Probe can be used in any Environment and is Completely Sealed and Intrinsically Safe to use in Gas & Oil Pipeline Industries.  It can also be used: Underwater, in a Vacuum, and in all Clean Rooms ISO 9000 Certified.


Advantages of the Mag-Probe:


  • SPEED Isolates problem as mechanical or electrical in seconds. Provides confirmation of the electrical field immediately.  When Magnetic Field is detected, so is “current, continuity, and voltage.”

  • NON-CONTACTNo Direct Connection is needed

  • SCHEMATICS No need to follow schematics to isolate the terminal strip

  • SALT & MOISTURE PROOF Continues to work effectively in or around ocean salt spray, extremely humid environments and underwater.

  • INTRINSICALLY SAFE Can be used in all explosive environments in gas and oil because it is a completely self-contained sealed unit.

  • COMPOSITE The composite allows the Mag-Probe to be sterilized using a cold process

  • SELF-CONTAINED Because it is a sealed self-contained unit the Mag-Probe can be used underwater “Water Proof!”

  • VACUUM – The Mag-Probe Operates in vacuum

  • NO ELECTROSTATIC FIELD – The Mag-Probe composite generates no electrostatic field

  • LOCATES RESIDUAL MAGNETISM – Can detect residual magnetism on solenoid valves and relays or raw metal stock as low as one gauss with the HS sensitivity ring magnet attached

  • DETECTS TRANSIENT PULSES – Detects transient pulses and momentary loss of power as low as 10 milliseconds

  • IDENTIFIES NORTH & SOUTH POLES – By turning the ring magnet around the Mag-Probe can be used when checking magnetic north and south poles

  • PREVENTS LOADING OF COMPUTER DRIVERS – Prevents loading of the computer output drivers

  • OPERATES IN EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS – The Bartol Mag-Probe has been tested and worked effectively from -80°F to +160°F

  • MAG-PROBE CAN CONDUCT TESTS WHILE EQUIPMENT IS FULLY OPERATIONALOne of the biggest advantages when using a Mag-Probe is the ability to check solenoid valves and relays while equipment is operating.  This enables technicians and mechanics the ability to find intermittent problems with solenoid valves and relays while the equipment is running. (Safety Permitting)

  • BARTOL MAG-PROBE REQUIRES NO CALIBRATIONNo calibration of this test instrument is required.  A test ring magnet is in the cap for making a self test and to insure the Mag-Probe is fully functional.  The ring magnet can also be used to increase the sensitivity from 3 gauss to 1 gauss for testing very small solenoid valves, relays, and reed relays.


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