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Galaxie Defense Marketing Services (GDMS) is a 35 year old certified service-disabled veteran-owned government/defense MRO sales and marketing services company. Our corporate office is located in San Diego, California, and our purpose is to provide Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO) products, plumbing, janitorial, electrical, door security, hardware, architectural finishes, special protective coatings, paints, lighting, HVAC, appliances, tools, lawn & garden tools, emergency preparedness kits, glow sticks, green products, parts washer, ancillary services, office furniture, healthcare products and IT products to fulfill the facility maintenance requirements for the DOD agencies and state/local government.

Thanks to our tireless efforts to keeping close ties with top manufacturers, we offer numerous kinds of energy-efficient quality products and materials pertaining to all facility needs: plumbing, janitorial, electrical, appliances, door security, flooring, fencing, hardware, lighting, motors, mechanic, welding, HVAC, appliances, repair, lawn & garden tools, emergency preparedness kits, heating and cooling, material handling, cleaning/irrigation, and ancillary services.

We are dedicated to providing products and supplies that improve mobility, safety, cleanliness, comfort, and quality of life for your patients. Whether our customer’s work deals with fitness therapy, senior care, furnishings, public areas, housekeeping, janitorial, or maintenance, we supply a wide variety of healthcare products, including but not limited to: aids to daily living, bath safety, beds, blankets, lifts and slings, commode chairs, exam gloves, nurse call units, respiratory care, stands & carts, and wheelchair accessories & parts.

With our premiere leading companies, we aim to provide our customers with high quality entry systems solutions and intensive programs that offer innovative system design, up-to-date product solutions, personal sales consulting, nationwide installation and maintenance assistance. Our highly acclaimed leading companies have been praised in the automated door industry for over 70 years, in which they have manufactured and designed the most popular models in commercial, institutional, and industrial settings. These products are installed with customizations for sensors and controls, which offer applications for sliding, swinging, revolving, and folding doors.

For the convenience and consideration of our clients, we do in fact provide a broad range of office equipment and supplies: computer accessories, containers and storage, copier/printer/fax accessories, desk organizers, holders, and trays; binders, dividers, tabs and folders; fasteners, clips, pins, and staples; drafting stencils, writing utensils, monitors, paper, mailing machines, tower/ink, shredding, packaging, calendars, weight measurement, time-recording, sorting, frames, boards, art, publications, clocks, and labels.

Here at Galaxie, we are committed to working with leading business process services companies who align with world class manufacturers to distribute technology products from more than 200 IT, CE, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suppliers to over 20,000 resellers, system integrators, and retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Mexico. In order to assist our customers who work in federal, state, and local businesses, we provide the commercial resources and services to enable them to accomplish their goals, accelerate economic development and progress, and establish environmentally friendly practices.

Our focused IT product categories include computer systems, peripherals, system components, software, CE, networking equipment, input/out and storage devices, ADP components and support equipment, mini and macro computer control devices, teletype and facsimile equipment, and replacement parts. We offer outsourcing services in IT distribution, contract assembly, logistics management and business process outsourcing, system configuration, maintenance and installation of software, repair service, term and perpetual software licenses, and data center server and storage solutions.



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About the Author
Bob Bartol has spent his whole life working with electronics in almost every capacity and spent many hours in Physics classes. He currently holds 4 U.S. patents and has been making a living off one of the patents "The Bartol Mag-Probe" for over twenty years. Bartol Research's Mag-Probe now has a global reach and is dramatically reducing trouble shooting downtime anywhere a solenoid valve. relay, or contactor is used. F111 Air Force Projects - European Flight Competition January 1968 Bob attended electronics school in the Air Force. Upon graduation he was assigned to a fighter wing in Germany. During his assignment he prepared seven aircraft for European competition. The fighter wings aircraft won the competition. Bob then returned to the United States and taught advanced radar for two years. Two years later, he returned to Europe. During this assignment, Air Force headquarters Europe selected Bob to open a Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratory (P.M.E.L) in England. It was the first of its kind in the Air Force. Upon his return to the United States, Air Force headquarters assigned Bob to Air Force research command in Florida. This was strictly a scientific assignment for research and development. After three years he moved from Eglin AFB in Florida to Edwards Air Force Base in California where he had direct contact with the National Bureau of Standards and supported research and development aircraft. During this assignment, he designed a modification for the TF X fighter (F-111). This modification made possible an additional 9800 flying hours per year. The F111 was the first swing wing aircraft in history. General Dynamics completed the modification prior to acceptance by the U.S. Air Force. Modification of F111 Aircraft General Dynamics March 1968 As a result of increasing this flying time Bob Received an award from Edwards Air Force Base for Increasing flying time of the F111 by 9,800 hours per year. The Award was Presented by Colonel Grumbles to TSGT Bob Bartol on June 17, 1968

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