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  by HSI Sensing

Inventor Bob Bartol – American War Veteran



  The Interesting Thing about the Bartol Mag-Probe Solenoid Valve and Relay Tester is that it is Very Simple and Portable.  With these posts I hope to expand your mind so you can easily more……..


One Elevator Maintenance Group Conducted a Survey and reported they realized a net profit increase of $10,000 per year in maximized productivity based off more….



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The Bartol Magprobe Solenoid Valve and Relay Tester’s Operation is Completely Isolated from Computer Loading Issues often Present with a Voltmeter Test Instrument. Before the Advent of The Bartol MagProbe the Cost of Service in terms of Time, Manpower, Lost Productivity and Lost Potential Revenue was Significant. More. . .

In this video  Outbound Excellence  CEO David KalstromTalks with Bob Bartol the inventor of the Bartol Mag-Probe about  all the different applications of the Mag-Probe, the amount of time it saves technicians, and all the different environments it can be used in.


 In Aircraft Maintenance the Bartol Magprobe Solenoid Valve and Relay Tester creates a rapid turn around time when troubleshooting Commercial & Military Aircraft increasing safety by Detecting any Residual Magnetitism within any solenoid fuel valves.

Visit Bartol MagProbe’s New Blog for the Latest Solenoid Valve and Relay Testing Best Practices! To Understand the Best Practices for Testing Electrically Operated Solenoid Valves & Relays in any Environment and how to Drastically Reduce your Production Cost  

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About the Author
Bob Bartol has spent his whole life working with electronics in almost every capacity and spent many hours in Physics classes. He currently holds 4 U.S. patents and has been making a living off one of the patents "The Bartol Mag-Probe" for over twenty years. Bartol Research's Mag-Probe now has a global reach and is dramatically reducing trouble shooting downtime anywhere a solenoid valve. relay, or contactor is used. F111 Air Force Projects - European Flight Competition January 1968 Bob attended electronics school in the Air Force. Upon graduation he was assigned to a fighter wing in Germany. During his assignment he prepared seven aircraft for European competition. The fighter wings aircraft won the competition. Bob then returned to the United States and taught advanced radar for two years. Two years later, he returned to Europe. During this assignment, Air Force headquarters Europe selected Bob to open a Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratory (P.M.E.L) in England. It was the first of its kind in the Air Force. Upon his return to the United States, Air Force headquarters assigned Bob to Air Force research command in Florida. This was strictly a scientific assignment for research and development. After three years he moved from Eglin AFB in Florida to Edwards Air Force Base in California where he had direct contact with the National Bureau of Standards and supported research and development aircraft. During this assignment, he designed a modification for the TF X fighter (F-111). This modification made possible an additional 9800 flying hours per year. The F111 was the first swing wing aircraft in history. General Dynamics completed the modification prior to acceptance by the U.S. Air Force. Modification of F111 Aircraft General Dynamics March 1968 As a result of increasing this flying time Bob Received an award from Edwards Air Force Base for Increasing flying time of the F111 by 9,800 hours per year. The Award was Presented by Colonel Grumbles to TSGT Bob Bartol on June 17, 1968

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