Cancer Procedure Magnetic Theory

 Cancer Procedure Magnetic Theory

Cancer procedure

“This procedure does not constitute medical advice to any particular person, nor is the author engaged in the practice of medicine. Use of this procedure is at your own risk.”

The University of California Davis made a major breakthrough when they discovered how to attach iron oxide Nanoparticles to the receptors of cancer cells. When I read this cancer procedure I realized that this could be the answer to the problem of destroying cancer cells without using chemotherapy or surgery and without destroying a patients immune system.

Their objective was to kill the cancer cells using heat. However the results only killed 80% of the cancer cells.

In their experiment, they used an alternating magnetic field of approximately 60 HZ.  By using my procedure, I increase the heat generated by vibrating the ion oxide nanospheres by using resonant frequencies. However, the physical size of all of the iron oxide Nanos spheres are not identical, therefore, all the iron oxide particles do not have the same resonant frequency. This problem can be solved by sweeping through a band of frequencies that will cover all the resonant frequencies that are needed. Another possible method could use magnetic pulses generated with a square wave since a square wave is rich in harmonics, it makes possible a complete coverage of all the resonant frequencies necessary to cover the various sizes of the iron oxide particles.

The following cancer procedure is a procedure for early detection that is inexpensive and extremely effective in locating cancer cells throughout the body.

As we know, the vibrating iron oxide nanoparticles that are attached to the cancer cells generate heat and infrared radiation. By visually locating these infrared spots, we will be able to pinpoint all the cancer cells at the earliest possible stage. This has the advantage of being able to treat the affected areas with a simple procedure. This also has the advantage of finding out if a patient has cancer cells in their body even if they do not have symptoms.

Of course this procedure may also be used for conducting examinations on patients who are being treated using chemo or surgery.

How many times have you heard “I think we got it all.” If surgery is used for the removal of cancer, the doctor will be able to see the infared spots leaving the affected area.

Early Detection of Cancer


Once Ferus iron oxide nanospheres have been injected into the blood stream and allowed time to locate the cancers receptors we began.

The patient is placed on an examination table and all lights in the room are extinguished. The doctor may where IR sensing goggles or use a more sophisticated IR detecting instrument. I recommend an IR detecting instrument. With this instrument, you will be able to detect IR emitting spots and store the images. To eliminate detecting IR emitting from body temperature, the IR instrument is calibrated to eliminate this image.

A paddle shaped electromagnetic generator is held by the doctor. There are other means for example, shapes and sizes, of exposing and alternating magnetic field to the patient. Various frequencies are available. The most effective frequency can be selected for particular application. Again, sweeping through a band of frequencies Will cause all iron oxide nano spheres to illuminate when their resonant frequency is detected.  As these iron oxide particles resonate, these infrared spots will be generated momentarily and will be stored in an infrared sensors memory. This enables a graft to be produced of the cancer throughout the patients body.

This cancer procedure may be used to detect cancer in extremely difficult to access locations, i.e. Brain, lymph glands, prostate gland, breasts, eyes, bone marrow and other vital organs throughout the body. Once the cancer cells are located, the resonant frequency is applied and the cancer cells are destroyed by generating heat.

It is suspected that ovarian cancer is transmitted from the tubes leading to the ovaries. Using my procedure these tubes could be observed frequently.

Also, one source of cancer is the bone marrow. This procedure will also kill the cancer cells located in the bone marrow.

My first priority has been to save lives. Secondly, the byproduct of this procedure is to reduce Medicare and Medicaid costs.



Another byproduct would be to reduce the overwhelming pressure on hospital emergency rooms.  Most cancers discovered in emergency rooms, are in the advanced stages. Cancer is destroying our healthcare system in our country.

And finally, and most importantly, the cost of a cancer treatment could be reduced to as low $100.00. The diagnosis that you have cancer will no longer be a death sentence.

Robert J Bartol Jr.  Ceo/President/Inventor

Bartol Research

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